The Best Things To Do In Copenhagen On Thursday

Thursdays are perfect for exploring Copenhagen’s best activities and top attractions. Choose from one of many late-opening museums, like The Design Museum, Glyptoteket, and The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC); take a walking tour, visit a castle or palace, climb a tower, take a boat trip or enjoy a trip to Christiania.

Whatever your interests, there’s something for everyone. Plan your itinerary well and make the most of your Thursday in Copenhagen.

Rosenborg Castle and its reflection in the moat around the castle.
Rosenborg Castle

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Copenhagen Museums That Stay Open Late On Thursday

To make the most of your time in Copenhagen on a Thursday, it’s good to know which attractions stay open late, especially if you have one of the Copenhagen Cards and want the best value for your money. The following Copenhagen museums have late opening hours on Thursday.

  • Design Museum Danmark
  • Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
  • Museum of Copenhagen
  • Workers Museum
  • The Glyptotek
  • Copenhagen Contemporary
  • Hirschsprung Collection
  • Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art


Visit The Design Museum Danmark

Housed in a former hospital, the Design Museum Danmark presents permanent and temporary exhibitions that showcase Danish design traditions from the likes of Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl while presenting historical, contemporary and futuristic designs.

A brightly coloured red themed display of chairs and lamps at The Design Museum, Denmark.
The Design Museum, Denmark

Design Museum Thursday Visitors Information

Design Museum Danmark
Thursday Opening Hours
10 am – 8 pm
Adult Ticket Price130 kr
AddressBredgade 68, 1260 København
WebsiteDesign Museum Website

Explore The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)

Explore Danish architecture and design at DAC, which houses permanent and regularly changing temporary exhibitions that inspire and encourage you to question.

The Danish Architecture Centre’s permanent exhibition focuses on architecture from the Viking Age to the present day. You can also try the thrilling 40-metre slide, which spirals down four floors and question why we use stairs and not slides.

Admire the view of the harbour waters from one of the three terraces outside the third-floor cafe. An entry ticket for DAC must be purchased to use the cafe.

Copenhagen was designated the World Capital of Architecture for 2023 by UNESCO-UIA (International Union of Architects).

Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) Thursday Visitors Information

Danish Architecture Centre
Thursday Opening Hours
10 am – 9 pm
Adult Ticket Price115 kr
AddressBryghusgade 10, 1473 København
WebsiteDanish Architecture Centre Website

The Museum Of Copenhagen (Københavns Museum)

The Museum of Copenhagen is a great place to explore the city’s history, from the time of the Vikings to the present day.

The museum’s permanent collections detail –

  • 1200 – 1660 – A Capital Arises
  • 1660 – 1850 – A Fortified City
  • 1850 – 1950 – The Modern City
  • 1950 – 2023 – Debating The City
  • The Copenhagen Panorama, a large-scale model of the city

There are temporary exhibitions throughout the year, and you can also learn about the history of the building, including the beautiful stained glass window depicting women and wards of the court who passed through the building in its former life.

All information in the museum is in English and Danish, making it even easier to explore the city’s past.

Three long, arched stained glass windows making one big picture featuring women and children.
The Museum of Copenhagen

Museum of Copenhagen Thursday Visitors Information

Museum of Copenhagen
Thursday Opening Hours
10 am – 8 pm
Adult Ticket Price100 kr
AddressStormgade 18, 1555 København V
WebsiteMuseum of Copenhagen Website

* Your ticket to the Museum of Copenhagen includes entry to Thorvaldsens Museum and Nikolaj Kunsthal. However, neither Thorvaldsens Museum nor Nikolaj Kunsthal is open on Mondays. The single-entry ticket is valid for up to 48 hours from when the ticket is first used.

It’s also worth knowing that The Museum of Copenhagen, Nikolaj Kunsthal and Thorvaldsens Museum offer free entry on Wednesdays.

Discover all the free museums in Copenhagen with this guide to 17 Copenhagen Museums With Free Entry in 2024.

The Workers Museum (Arbejdermuseet)

The Workers Museum, housed in a listed building dating back to 1879, offers an insight into working life in the 1950s and the Danish Labour Movement.

On the ground floor, The Children’s Workers Museum is a unique interactive space where kids and adults alike can explore what life was like in the 1930s. 

The cafe on the first floor is designed to add to the museum experience. It serves traditional Danish cakes and Stjernepils, a beer exclusive to the Workers Museum. It’s hard to tell whether the cafe is an exhibit or a working cafe, making it a truly unique experience.

An old style kitchen from 1950's Copenhagen with blue painted walls and pale blue painted cupboards.
Workers Museum

The Workers Museum Thursday Visitors Information

Workers Museum
Thursday Opening Hours
10 am – 8 pm
Adult Ticket Price125 kr
Buy online and save 10%
AddressRømersgade 22, 1362 København
WebsiteThe Workers Museum Website

The Workers Museum is included in the Park Museum Ticket.

Buy A Park Museum Ticket And Save Money

The Park Museum ticket (Parkmuseerne in Danish) costs 295 kr and saves 50% on one-time entry to the six museums listed.

The ticket can be bought online using this link or at the ticket offices of any participating museum.

Museums Participating In The Park Museum Ticket

Rosenborg CastleThe Natural History Museum of Denmark (including The Palm House)
The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK)The David Collection
The Hirschsprung CollectionThe Workers Museum

The Park Museum Ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Check the Park Museum Ticket website for more details.

Art Museums With Longer Opening Hours on Thursday

If you’re keen to discover Copenhagen’s art scene, several excellent art museums stay open late on Thursdays.

Visit the Glyptotek (Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek)

Glyptoteket is the perfect place to experience some of Copenhagen’s most significant works of art. It has permanent exhibitions of sculptures and art from Egypt, Greece, Rome, France, and Denmark.

Additionally, it features pieces by renowned artists, such as Auguste Rodin, Matisse, Degas, and Picasso.

Even if you’re not a fan of art, the stunning building is worth visiting.

A woman sat in the Great Hall of the Glyptotek admiring the white plaster sculptures.

Glyptoteket Thursday Opening Hours, Entry Price, Address and Website

Thursday Opening Hours
10 am – 9 pm
Adult Ticket Price125 kr
AddressDantes Plads 7, 1556 København
WebsiteGlyptoteket Website

Copenhagen Contemporary

Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre covers 7,000 sq m and is one of Scandinavia’s largest venues for art.

With several temporary installations by famous and up-and-coming artists each year, Copenhagen Contemporary is a place where you can lose yourself for hours and come out with a head full of ideas.

A rusting background with Copenhagen Contemporary's two red CC's logo over a glass entrance leading to the art gallery.
Copenhagen Contemporary

Practical Information For Visiting Copenhagen Contemporary

Copenhagen Contemporary is located on Refshaleøen, a short distance from Reffen Street Food. You can reach both locations by taking the harbour bus and alighting at the Refshaleøen stop. Alternatively, you can take bus number 2A.

Plan Your Journey Using Rejseplanen

Rejseplanen is a journey-planning public transport app that makes exploring Copenhagen and the whole of Denmark easy. You can also use Rejseplanen to buy your tickets.

Copenhagen Contemporary Thursday Visitors Information

Copenhagen Contemporary
Thursday Opening Hours
11 am – 9 pm
Adult Ticket Price120 kr
AddressRefshalevej 173A, 1432 København
WebsiteCopenhagen Contemporary Website


GL STRAND presents between six to eight different contemporary and modern art events each year. It also shows a range of films in the Art Cinema, art installations, and live events related to the exhibitions.

Ticket prices are discounted from 90 kr down to 50 kr between 5 pm and 8 pm on Thursday evening.

Practical Information For Visiting GL STRAND

GL STRAND is closed between exhibitions. Check the website before planning your visit.

The orange painted cafe courtyard area and one of the entrances to GL STRAND Art Museum in Copenhagen

GL Strand Thursday Opening Hours, Entry Price, Address and Website

Thursday Opening Hours
11 am – 8 pm
Adult Ticket Price90 kr
50 kr 5 – 8 pm on Thursday evening.
AddressGammel Strand 48, 1202 København
WebsiteG L Strand Website

The Hirschsprung Collection (Den Hirschsprungske Samling)

The Hirschsprung Collection offers, through art, a unique insight into Danish culture and daily life from the Golden Age (1815 – 1850) to the Modern Breakthrough (1870 – 1900).

Located in a museum specifically built to house the art collection of Henrich Hirshsprung, the collection features works by P.S. Kroyer, the Skagen painters, the Golden Age and National Romanticism and leading female artists of the 19th century.

Practical Information For Visiting The Hirschsprung Collection

The Hirschsprung Collection is also part of the Park Museum Ticket, which gives entry to six museums for 295 kr, saving 50% on the regular entry price.

Inside The Hirschsprung Collection showing two old paintings and a glimpse into two other rooms.
The Hirschsprung Collection

Hirschsprung Collection Opening Hours, Entry Price, Address and Website

Hirschsprung Collection
Thursday Opening Hours
11 am – 4 pm
11- 8 pm last Thursday of the month
Ticket Price110 kr
AddressStockholmsgade 20, 2100 København
WebsiteHirschsprung Collection Website

Den Frie Udstilling

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art hosts around ten exhibitions each year, offering the latest in contemporary art from Danish and International artists.

The building, designed by J F Willumsen, dates back to 1898.

Practical Information For Visiting Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art is closed between exhibitions. Check the website before planning your visit.

Den Frie Opening Hours, Entry Price, Address and Website

Den Frie Centre
Thursday Opening Hours
12 am – 9 pm
Adult Ticket Price70 kr
AddressOslo Pl. 1, 2100 København
WebsiteDen Frie website


Visit One Of Copenhagen’s Royal Palaces

A visit to Copenhagen would not be complete without exploring at least one of the city’s Royal Palaces. In the heart of the city, you will find three magnificent palaces: Rosenborg, constructed in 1634; Amalienborg, constructed in the 1750s; and Christiansborg Castle, completed in 1928.

Visit Christiansborg Palace (Christiansborg Slot)

On the 14th of January 2024, the abdication of Queen Margrethe II was signed at Christiansborg Palace. At 3 pm on the same day, Mette Frederiksen, the Danish Prime Minister, announced the succession to the throne of King Frederik X from the balcony overlooking the statue of King Frederik VII.

Christiansborg Palace may look old, but the building you see today was built in 1928. However, there has been a palace on this site for over 800 years.

Christiansborg Palace complex comprises the following –

The Royal Reception Rooms

The Royal Reception Rooms include the Grand Hall with its impressive, colourful Bjørn Nørgaard tapestries, commissioned for HM Queen Margrethe II’s 50th birthday, the library and the banqueting hall.

The Royal Reception Rooms also include the Throne Room, where a succession of the throne is announced from the balcony.

You can see Bjørn Nørgaard’s sketches, used by the weavers to create the tapestries, at Køs Museum of Art in Public Spaces in Køge, a pretty medieval town just over half an hour by train from Copenhagen and well worth a visit. Take a look at this article, What To See And Do in Køge, to learn more.

Listen To Tales Of The Reception Rooms, Tapestries And The Ruins

Download the free Useeum App and listen to the history and tales of the Royal Reception Rooms, the Tapestries and the Royal Ruins on your phone (remember to take earphones).

The Royal Kitchen

The Royal Kitchen is as it was during the reign of Christian X and contains one of the largest collections of copperware in Europe.

The Ruins

The ruins of the first castle, built in 1167, can be seen in the cellar.

The Royal Stables

Inside the royal stables, you can admire a collection of carriages, including the oldest one, which dates back to 1778. If you’re fortunate, you may see one or more of the horses being exercised in the exercise yard, pulling one of the royal carriages.

Christiansborg Palace Chapel

Christiansborg Palace Chapel was almost destroyed by fire when a firework hit the roof in 1992. What you see today is a reconstruction, faithful to the original. For more information, take a look at Best Churches In Copenhagen Even If You’re Not Religious.

If you’re planning a visit to Christiansborg Palace, especially the Royal Reception Rooms, it’s important to know that they may be reserved for events and official occasions hosted by the royal family. Ensure you check the website to confirm that they are open to the public on the day of your visit.

Pots and pans in the royal kitchen at Christiansborg Palace.
The Royal Kitchen, Christiansborg

Christiansborg Palace Thursday Opening Times

AttractionOpening Hours
Royal Reception Rooms10 am – 5 pm
July – August 10 am – 6 pm
Royal Kitchen10 am – 5 pm
July – August 10 am – 6 pm
The Ruins10 am – 5 pm
July – August 10 am – 6 pm
Royal Stables1.30 pm – 4 pm
July 10 am – 6 pm
The horses are away from 15/6 – 7/8
Palace Chapel10 am – 5 pm every Sunday
10 am – 6 pm every day in July

Christiansborg Palace Ticket Information

Tickets for the Christiansborg Palace complex can be bought individually or as part of a combined ticket, which saves 40% on standard admission prices if bought separately.

The combined ticket covers the Royal Reception Rooms, The Kitchen, The Stables and The Ruins, which are all in the same area. The ticket is valid for one month.

Royal Reception Room Ticket Price105 kr
Royal Kitchen Ticket Price65 kr
Royal Ruins65 kr
Royal Stables Ticket Price65 kr
Combined Ticket175 kr
Christiansborg ChapelFree Entry
AddressPrins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 København
WebsiteChristiansborg Palace Website

Visit Rosenborg Castle (Rosenborg Slot)

Rosenborg Castle, completed in 1607, was originally built as a summer house for King Christian IV. The Castle offers a glimpse into his life, with rooms preserved as they were during his and other monarchs’ reigns.

Visit the King Christian IV’s bedroom, where he died in 1648. Admire the Knights Hall with the coronation chairs and the bronze lions which guard deceased monarchs as they lie in state, and be wowed in the the well-guarded treasury housing the crown jewels.

Pick up a leaflet and use their multimedia guide (remember to take earphones) to get the most out of your visit, as there is a lack of signage inside the castle.

There is very little heating inside Rosenborg Castle, so remember to bring warm clothes.

A gold crown with pearls and other jewels inside the Crown Jewels Collection at Rosenborg Castle.
The Crown Jewels, Rosenborg Castle

Save Money With A Rosenborg And Amalienborg Combination Ticket

You can purchase a combined ticket for Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Palace Museum for 215 kr. The combined ticket allows one entry to both Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Museum and is valid for two days. Check the websites for their opening days, as they are not open on Mondays all year round.

The joint ticket to Rosenborg Castle / Amalienborg Palace Museum can only be purchased at the ticket offices. It is not available to buy online.

The Copenhagen Card and Park Museum Ticket both allow entry to Rosenborg Castle.

Whichever ticket you purchase, you MUST reserve a time slot for your visit to Rosenborg Castle.

Rosenborg Castle Thursday Visitor Information

Rosenborg Castle
Opening Hours
10 am – 4 pm
10 am – 5 pm 23rd March – 31st Oct
Ticket Price140 kr
AddressØster Voldgade 4A, 1350 København
WebsiteRosenborg Castle Website

Visit Amalienborg Museum (Amalienborgmuseet)

The Amalienborg complex comprises four palaces constructed in the 1750s.

However, only a small part of Christian VIII’s palace, the Amalienborg Palace Museum, is open to the public.

There’s plenty to see inside Amalienborg Palace Museum, with rooms laid out as they would have been during the monarch’s reign, but it doesn’t have the same atmosphere as the other palaces in and around Copenhagen. But of course, you’re visiting a museum rather than the palace.

The changing of the guard takes place outside Amalienborg Palace every day at noon.

Amalienborg Thursday Visitor Information

Amalienborg Palace Museum
Opening Hours
Dates and times vary
Check the website for more details
Adult Ticket Price125 kr
AddressAmalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 København K
WebsiteAmalienborg Museum Website
A yellow painted room with a grand chandelier at Amalienborg Palace Museum.
Amalienborg Palace Museum

Climb The Round Tower (Rundetaarn)

The Round Tower is an iconic listed building standing 34.8 metres (114 feet) tall. When it was built in 1642, it was one of Copenhagen’s tallest buildings.

As you climb the tower, there are several things worth stopping to look at. From the library hall, which holds periodically changing exhibitions, to the bell tower and even the old privy, there is plenty to take in.

For a unique experience, pause in one of the recesses to stand on the glass floor and admire the hollow core that extends from the top to the bottom of the tower.

There is no elevator in The Round Tower, but it’s a much gentler climb than it looks from street level. The ramp was designed so King Christian IV, who designed much of Copenhagen, could ride up to the top in his horse-drawn carriage.

However, there are several steps at the top of the tower to get outside onto the lookout balcony.

The sun reflecting through an arched window on the cobblestones of The Round Tower in Copenhagen.
The Round Tower

Round Tower Thursday Visitor Information

Round Tower
Opening Hours
10 am – 8 pm Apr-Sept
10 am – 6 pm Oct-Mar
Ticket Price40 kr
Payment is preferred by credit card
AddressKøbmagergade 52A, 1150 København
WebsiteThe Round Tower Website

Do you want to admire the fantastic skyline of Copenhagen? Check out my article, Where Are The Best Viewpoints in Copenhagen, and take advantage of the chance to enjoy the city’s beauty from above.

Enjoy The View From The Culture Tower (Kulturtårnet)

The Culture Tower on Knippelsbro (Knippels Bridge) is a unique viewpoint overlooking Copenhagen’s Harbour waters.

Copenhagen’s bridge towers were built in 1937, but as bridge openings are now controlled remotely, in 2017, a couple of entrepreneurs took over the tower on Knippels Bridge, refurbished it and renamed it The Culture Tower.

The Culture Tower is open for visitors to climb the five-story tower and admire the 360-degree views from above the water. The tower also showcases art and music, and in the summer, there’s a pop-up restaurant.

Practical Information For Visiting The Culture Tower

The Culture Tower is closed on public holidays and from the end of December until the beginning of February.

Culture Tower Thursday Visitor Information

Culture Tower
Thursday Opening Hours
3 pm – 9 pm
Ticket Price20 kr
AddressKnippelsbro 2, 1400 København K
WebsiteCulture Tower Website
A bright yellow harbour bus underneath the Culture Tower at the Knippelsbro stop.
Harbour Bus Stop At The Culture Tower

See Copenhagen From The Water On The Harbour Bus

Copenhagen’s Harbour buses are boats that sail the harbour waters between Orientkaj and Teglholm, passing many tourist sites along the way.

You can jump off anywhere along the route; the Knippelsbro stop is just underneath the Culture Tower, but be aware the boats are public transport, not Hop-On, Hop-Off. Each journey requires a ticket.

The boats have large windows so you can sit back in your seat and enjoy the view, or if the weather is good, stand at the front of the boat, a great place to take photos.

For more information about the harbour bus, including ticket prices, stops, and timetables, take a look at my article, What Is The Harbour Bus Copenhagen.

Explore The City On A Free Walking Tour

Explore Copenhagen on an informative free walking tour. The knowledgeable and fully trained guides share fascinating stories and facts about the city you won’t find elsewhere.

Thursday Walking Tours of Copenhagen

Free Copenhagen Walking Tours Website

Free Walking TourStart TimeStart Location
Grand Tour of Copenhagen10.30 amCity Hall Steps, Rådhuspladsen
Classical Tour of Copenhagen12 noonAbsalom Statue Højbro Plads
Christianshavn Tour3 pmAbsalom Statue Højbro Plads

How Much To Tip On A Free Walking Tour

Although the tours are free, you are expected to tip the guide at the end of the tour. A suggested tip, if you enjoy the tour, is to give the equivalent of a museum entry price, around 100 – 130 kr per person.

The tour guides are happy to accept card payments, so no worries about carrying cash. Check out my article, The Best Way To Pay For Things In Denmark, to learn more.

Discover Completely Free Things To See And Do In Copenhagen

While Copenhagen undoubtedly is one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe, there are many things you can see and do for nothing, including free museums.

If you’re looking to save money while exploring Copenhagen, check out these two articles to learn about all the great activities that won’t cost you a penny! From free museums to indoor and outdoor activities, discover the many ways to enjoy the city without breaking the bank.

Discover Freetown Christiania

Christiania is a unique area of Copenhagen with free entry 24 hours a day. Located in the Christianshavn neighbourhood, this self-proclaimed autonomous area is home to over 800 people and receives 2 to 3 million visitors annually.

Despite being renowned for Pusher Street, Christiania has much more to explore than just cannabis. There’s an array of vibrant street art, inexpensive and delicious snacks, and picturesque nature walks around the lake. 

Until 1985, Christiania had no specific housing construction regulations, meaning some remarkable and intriguing self-built homes can be seen around the lake.

A brightly painted dragon on the wall in Christiania, Copenhagen.
Christiania Colourful Street Art


Spend Thursday Afternoon Inside Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, famous worldwide, is over 180 years old, which makes it the third oldest still-running amusement park in the world.

There are rides for everyone, including the scary Demon rollercoaster, The Golden Tower, the gentler Ferris Wheel, and children’s rides.

But Tivoli Gardens is not just about the rides; there are beautifully landscaped gardens which change with the seasons. And there is plenty of dining for all budgets, entertainment and shops.

Fun fact – Walt Disney visited Tivoli in 1951, where he gained inspiration for Disneyland.

The colourful outdoor Pantomime Theatre at Tivoli Gardens.
The Pantomime Theatre, Tivoli Gardens

Practical Information For Visiting Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is open daily during the dates shown below.

Summer 22nd March – 22nd September 2024

Halloween 10th October – 3rd November 2024

Christmas 15th November – 5th January 2025

Tivoli Thursday Visitors Information

Tivoli Gardens
Opening Hours
11 am – 11 pm
Ticket Price155 kr Entry Ticket
The entry ticket doesn’t include any rides
259 kr Ride Pass
An entry ticket must be purchased with the ride pass
AddressVesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V
WebsiteTivoli Gardens Website

I’m Happy To Help If You Have Any Questions

As a Copenhagen local, I can provide insider tips and recommendations to make your visit to this amazing city even more enjoyable. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like help with your trip.

Karen, the owner of My Path To Travel stood in front of Nyhavn Canal and the colourful buildings.

Planning Your Days In Copenhagen