7 Ways To Get From Copenhagen Airport To The City Centre

After a flight, even a short one, you’re often tired and anxious to get to your destination as quickly and smoothly as possible. Thankfully, Copenhagen’s international airport is just 8 kilometres (5 miles) from the city centre and has excellent public transport to take you into the city quickly, easily and cheaply. Taxis, private transfers, car shares and rental cars are also available at the airport.

The train is the fastest way to get to Copenhagen’s city centre, but the metro has more stops and is closer to popular attractions. Taxis and private transfers are the easiest but most expensive way to get into the city. Buses are slow and inconvenient.

Copenhagen Airport, Københavns Lufthavn in Danish, is located in the town of Kastrup. The IATA code for Copenhagen Airport is CPH. To get into the city centre from Copenhagen Airport, choose from the following seven options.

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The metro at Copenhagen Airport
The Metro At Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport To The City Centre By Metro

Copenhagen Airport’s M2 metro line is located on the first floor of Terminal 3.

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the metro is the most convenient form of transport to and from Copenhagen Airport.

Copenhagen Metro Map

A map of Copenhagen metro
Copenhagen Metro Map

There are two tracks at the airport metro station, heading into the city centre with Vanløse as the final destination. So it doesn’t matter which metro you take; they are both going the same way.

Even with stops along the route, the metro takes just 13 minutes to reach Kongens Nytorv in the city centre.

All metro lines converge at Kongens Nytorv, and there’s a taxi stand and bus stop outside the metro station.

Check out this article, How To Use The Copenhagen Metro, for everything you need to know, including ticketing options and how and where to buy them.

Check out Useful Danish Words For Your Trip To Denmark for all the words you’ll need to know for your trip to Denmark, including words, like udgang (it means exit) on public transport and around the airport.

Metro Schedule From The Airport To Copenhagen City Centre

Mon – Fri (Rush Hours)7 am – 9 am
2 pm – 6 pm
Every 4 minutes
Mon – Sun9 am – 2 pm
6 pm – Midnight
Every 6 minutes
Sun – Thurs NightMidnight – 5 amEvery 20 minutes
Fri – Sat Night1 am – 7 amEvery 15 minutes

Plan Your Journey Using Rejseplanen

Rejseplanen is a free journey-planning public transport app that makes exploring Copenhagen and the whole of Denmark easy. You can also use Rejseplanen to buy your tickets.

How To Take The Train From Copenhagen Airport To The City Centre

Copenhagen Airport’s train station is located in Terminal 3’s arrivals hall.

Trains to Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark leave from Track 2, with trains to Malmo and Sweden departing from Track 1.

The train takes 12-13 minutes from Kastrup to Copenhagen Central Station (København H), making it the fastest way to get into the city from the airport.

Copenhagen Central Station is a transport hub with S Trains, regional trains, the metro, bus stops, and taxi stands.

Trains run every ten minutes during the day, every twenty minutes in the evening, but only once an hour throughout the night.

Use Rejseplanen (the link is in English) for up-to-the-minute journey times.

Around the city centre, announcements on the train are made in English and Danish.

Signage showing Track 2, for the train to Copenhagen.
Track 2 For The Train To Copenhagen City Central Station

How To Get From Copenhagen Airport To The City By Bus

From the airport, it’s a 3-minute walk to the bus stop on Ellehammersvej. However, unlike the train and metro, the walk to the bus stop is not undercover.

Taking bus number 5C towards Husum Torv or Herlev Hospital takes around 35 minutes from the airport into the city centre.

The bus makes many stops, including Copenhagen Central Station and Nørreport Station. Both Central Station and Nørreport are transport hubs with metro, S trains, regional trains, bus stops and taxi ranks.

During the day, the bus runs every 12 – 13 minutes, every 20 minutes in the evening and every hour at night.

Unless your accommodation is on the route, taking the bus is the least convenient transport option from Copenhagen Airport to the city centre.

Take a look at this article for everything you need to know about How To Take The Bus In Copenhagen.

Copenhagen airport information board showing the next bus, metro, and train times to the city centre and Sweden.
Copenhagen Airport Information Board Showing Public Transport Departure Times

How To Get From Copenhagen Airport to Central Station

The easiest way to get to Copenhagen Central Station (København H in Danish) from the airport is to take the train, which takes 13 minutes and costs 30 kr.

The 5C bus also stops at the Copenhagen Central Station, but this takes 39 minutes. It also costs 30 kr.

How To Buy Public Transport Tickets At Copenhagen Airport

Public transport ticket machines at Copenhagen airport
Public Transport Ticket Machines At Copenhagen Airport

You can purchase train, metro, or bus tickets at the DSB ticket machines inside the arrivals hall at Copenhagen Airport.

Between 8 am and 8 pm, DSB staff are on hand to help you purchase your tickets. However, the machines give you the option of English, Danish or German text.

The ticket machines take Danish coins or bills and major credit cards, but American Express is not accepted.

You can also purchase metro tickets from the machines on the walkway leading to the metro.

Alternatively, you can use the DOT or Rejseplanen apps to buy your tickets online. For convenience, download the apps before flying into Denmark, as they are useful for public transport all around the country.

But be aware that you may need to use the Danish words, which are Københavns Lufthavn, CPH Lufthavn (Copenhagen Airport), and København H (Copenhagen Central Station) when using the ticketing machines, apps or website links.

Check out Useful Danish Words For Your Trip To Denmark for words that will be helpful when using public transport.

Greater Copenhagen is divided into zones. Copenhagen Airport to the city centre is in zone 3, and the ticket price, 30 kr, is the same whether you travel by train, bus or metro.

A 3-zone ticket is valid for 90 minutes.

If you plan to use the train or the metro, you must buy your ticket before boarding. Do not get on the train or metro without a ticket.

There are no ticket sales on either trains or the metro in Denmark, and there is a fine of up to 1,000 kr for travelling on public transport in Denmark without a ticket.

And there are regular ticket inspections on all public transport in Copenhagen.

Use this guide to learn more about The Best Way To Pay For Things During Your Trip To Denmark.

How To Buy Bus Tickets From Copenhagen Airport To The City

The easiest way to buy a bus ticket from Copenhagen Airport to the city is to use the Rejseplanen or DOT ticketing apps. Or use cash and purchase from the driver.

If you choose to buy your bus ticket from the driver, payment is cash only, and no bills larger than 100 kr. In addition, payment is in Danish kroner only; the bus driver can’t accept euros or dollars.

Or you can use the ticket machines in the arrivals hall, but this isn’t easy, especially if you’re tired after a long flight and there aren’t any DSB staff on hand to help.

There are no bus stations, or bus stops shown on the ticket machines. So, to buy your ticket, you’ll need to know the closest train or metro stop to your destination.

Take a look at How To Take The Bus In Copenhagen for more information about how to buy bus tickets.

A blue KLM Cityhopper plane moving along the runway at Copenhagen airport about to take off.
KLM Cityhopper Plane At Copenhagen Airport

How To Take A Taxi From Copenhagen Airport To The City Centre

A taxi cab from Copenhagen Airport to the city centre takes between 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. The sign-posted taxi stand is just outside the arrivals hall at Terminal 3.

Copenhagen Airport has three taxi ranks: one for regular taxis, one for pre-booked taxis, and one for taxis to Sweden.

It’s not necessary to reserve a taxi in advance, but if you prefer to book a cab, the most straightforward app to use is DanTaxi. Reserve your taxi after collecting your luggage, selecting Terminal 3 as the address.

After clearing customs and entering the arrivals hall, take the first door on the right, sign-posted taxis. Continue to the pickup area for pre-booked taxis, where your cab will be waiting.

And neither Uber nor Lyft operates in Denmark.

Copenhagen Airport To City Centre Taxi Prices

Depending on traffic, a non-fixed rate taxi from Copenhagen Airport costs between 250 kr and 350 kr.

Danish taxi prices are fully inclusive of taxes and tips. However, there is a 16 kr surcharge imposed by Copenhagen Airport for taxis picking up from the airport, which will be added to your bill.

Copenhagen Airport To City Centre Fixed-Rate Taxi Prices

To give you an idea of the taxi rates, the table below shows fixed rates from Copenhagen Airport to Kongens Nytorv.

Taxi Company & WebsiteFixed Price
Day Rate
Fixed Price
Evening, Weekend, Public Holiday Rate
Taxa 4 x 35326 kr315 kr
Dan Taxi296 kr307 kr
Taxa 4 x 27232 kr288 kr
Viggo325 kr325 kr

Whether you are travelling to Copenhagen for business or pleasure, it’s important to know the taxi rates before you arrive so that you can budget your trip. Check out this article for more information about Taxis In Copenhagen (How To Get The Best Deal).

The arrivals area at Terminal 3 Copenhagen airport, showing the check-in information board.
Terminal 3, Copenhagen Airport

Private Transfer From Copenhagen Airport To The City Centre

The simplest way to get to the city centre from Copenhagen Airport is to pre-book a private transfer.

An English-speaking driver will meet you at the airport’s arrivals hall to assist you with your journey through the airport and into the city with a minimum of effort.

Whilst it may sound appealing to have a driver waiting for you, there are always taxis waiting outside the door next to the arrivals area. All airport taxi drivers speak English. The only difference between a private transfer and a taxi is the price.

The prices shown for a private transfer by car are for two people, with two pieces of luggage from Copenhagen Kastrup airport to Kongens Nytorv in the city centre by standard car.

Private Transfer Prices From Copenhagen Airport To The City

Company NamePrice
Welcome Pickups820 kr
Sun Transfers848 kr
City Airport Taxis840 kr

Car Hire Companies At Copenhagen Airport

Car rental companies don’t have offices inside the airport terminal. Instead, they are all located in the same area on Lufthavnsboulevarden, 1.3 km (0.8 miles) from the terminals.

A shuttle bus to the car rental area operates every 15 minutes from 4 am until midnight. Between midnight and 4 am, the shuttle runs every 30 minutes.

The car hire shuttle bus picks up and drops off at terminals 2 and 3, car parks 15, 17 and 19 and The Clarion Airport Hotel.

Your best option is to book your car hire online, but it is possible to hire a car on arrival at the airport. The car rental offices’ opening hours vary from 7 am – 11 pm, so check the websites below for current information.

Hertz Car Rental

Avis Rent A Car

Enterprise Car Rental

Budget Car

Signage for the metro, car parking and car sharing, and the Clarion and Comfort Hotels at Copenhagen Airport.
Signage At Copenhagen Airport

How To Use The Car Sharing Services At Copenhagen Airport

Car sharing is available at Copenhagen Airport and can work out cheaper than hiring a rental car, as you only pay for the vehicle when you use it.

Share Now and Green Mobility have dedicated car-sharing spots in parking lot 7, which can easily be reached from Terminal 3 by a covered walkway.

However, unless you pre-book, it’s not 100% guaranteed there will be a car available immediately. But with pre-booking, you are sure your choice of car will be ready and waiting for you.

The Share Now and Green Mobility apps let you find a car share anywhere in the city. Just use the app to reserve, find and drive your shared car.

Car Parking At Copenhagen Airport

If you have your own car, parking is available at Copenhagen Airport with prices starting from 499 kr per week. As there are various options, check out the Copenhagen Airport pricing and parking information using this link.

Hotels Closest To Copenhagen Airport

If you need to stay close to the airport, there are several hotels in the area. But if you want to be next to the airport, there are two options: the Clarion Copenhagen Airport, directly connected to Terminal 3. And The Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport, a 3-minute walk, is just across the road from the airport.

It’s always a good idea to ask whether your chosen accommodation provides an airport shuttle. Unfortunately, not many Copenhagen hotels offer this service, so check before booking if it’s important to you.

Getting Around Copenhagen Using Public Transport

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